The 4 Different Type of Golf Clubs

There are different types of golf clubs. You must be carrying a full set of golf clubs but do you know the every club has different use and are made of different metals and stuff? Every golf club has a different use as some are used to start the game and some to finish and some are used when the ball is stuck in a situation, and so here today we will discuss all the types of golfs and their specific uses.

1. Woods/Drivers
Wood clubs are the best for winging the ball to the fastest distance. At one time, the head of these clubs were usually made up of woods and that why the name was keep as wood clubs. Now days they stopped making them of woods and use alloy and metals to construct them. The head of a wood is large and rounded, with a flat bottom to glide over the ground during the course of a shot. The face of the club is big as is measured right at the ground on comparing with other clubs. The best golf drivers for beginners, or 1-wood, is the least lo and use to hit the ball far away. Woods with higher numbers are generally known as fairway woods. They are specially designed to hit the ball when on tee.

2. Iron
Iron clubs are the most used clubs now days and best suited when the range is 200 yard, they are made up of metal and are better than the wood clubs. The efficiency to hit long is better and that’s why they replaced the wood clubs. They are definitely heavier than the wood clubs but the wee made clubs from renowned company doesn’t make you feel a lot you are carrying in your hands.

3. Hybrid
Hybrid clubs are made of both wood and iron and .They look like iron clubs but the head of the club is rounded like that in wood clubs. Hybrids are built with a center of gravity that is further back and lower than in an iron, making them more ‘forgiving’ than either an iron or a wood for many players. Hybrids are among the most versatile clubs any golfer can use and generally come in lofts of 16 to 26 degrees. Talking about the distance they cover is not actually quite less, its only 10-15 yards shorter.

best golf drivers for beginners

4. Putters
Putters are the most important golf clubs they are the gold used to put the ball in the hole when it is near to the hole, you must have seen in the movies or other players playing, it’s important because it is the end part of the game and that is the winning shot of the game.

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